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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  Nothing like waking up in sheer terror.
I'm sure everyone is just trying to figure out what happened last night, and I should applaud the slowly-growing photo coverage on Boston.com. The press photos are pretty good, but I'm impressed by the four reader-submitted photos that really show the extent of the fire. I slept at my boyfriend's last night (just off of School Street in Beverly, just across the water from Salem and Danvers) and from the skylight, I was able to see the fireball go into the sky and the subsequent flames. I think probably one of the greatest parts of new media and citizen journalism is the ability to capture an image the second something happens - long before the Globe and Herald photographers could get there.

Also, I'm hoping Prof. Kennedy is uninjured and his house is not in shambles.
Thank you, Chelsea. We're fine. We live about two miles from the scene. We were jolted out of bed. My wife thought it might be the "snow thunder" that had been predicted, but it sure didn't seem like thunder to me. We went back to bed, and didn't find out what had happened until this morning. I'm anxious to find out whether any friends were affected.
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