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Monday, November 20, 2006
  Fighting in a video game = fighting over the console?
Slashdot, through Dailytech is reporting that the Nintendo Wii, which was about as anticipated as the PS3, sold out yesterday with no reports of violence. This comes a few days after a Massachusetts man waiting in line to buy a PS3 at a Wal-Mart in Putnam, Connecticut, was shot by two robbers for refusing to give up his money. In addition, a volunteer for John Edwards just got in trouble for attempting to cut in line to get the former senator a Playstation for his kids.

What is wrong with Americans and video games? The Zune (my current obsession) launched with no extraneous fanfare, no fistfights and no hitches. (Also, in case anyone cares, I did a little bit of snooping and figured out that my mom has already bought me one for Christmas. It's white, it's hot, and I'm excited.) No one was punching each other to get an iPod nano, and you can guarantee there will be no one waiting in line to get the newest and hottest Blackberry. We are an entertainment-obsessed culture that apparently has nothing better to do than camp out for three days so we can spend hours on our couches absorbed in a virtual world that is meaningless and in no way enriches our lives or our minds.

But what really gets me is how Sony and Nintendo were hyping the crap out of these systems, aware of the fact that it would perpetuate crime, price gouging, and their profits. Whatever happened to corporate accountability? And whatever happened to Americans having lives? I'm just glad that the Wii launched without reported violence. At the same time, I'm miserable. Christmas season is here and that just means more materialism, and new technology is going to control all that. Bah humbug.
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