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Monday, October 30, 2006
  The odds are in our favor.
I've been tooling around with the New York Times Election Guide of 2006 for a good part of today. It's actually a very good interactive feature that gives insight into the overall predicted outcome of the midterm elections.

The only page I am a little confused about is the "Race Profile" page. Massachusetts has one of the most hotly debated and severely bitter governor's races, and all they can say is "Strategists expect the race to be a tight one." Hello? No mention of rapists, education or the phrase "soft on crime?" Also, who are these "Multiple" Democratic candidates? Last I checked, Massachusetts is screaming Deval Patrick - and have we all forgotten that Christy Mihos initially wanted to run as a Republican?

But on the main page, if you click on state by state, the coverage is easily viewable and completely comprehensive. It even displays a gauge of how liberal or conservative an incumbent candidate has voted. A definite example of new media done right - more interesting and interactive than plain old text.

P.S. Read this while you can. I dunno how long the links will last, since I can't use the link generator with these pages.
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