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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  New media: Something of a World War III.
I got it from the Washington Post, which got it from Reuters, but it is, in fact, everywhere: Lonelygirl15 and her cohorts are now operating on a website owned by Google.

The world is in a state of non-uproar at the in-no-way-a-surprise move.

What I do find surprising, however, is that News Corp. paid only $580 mil to acquire MySpace, which is consistently among the top three most visited sites on the web, and Google forked over $1.65 billion dollars for YouTube. Aside from that, the news seems, well, rather flat. As new media sites gain more and more popularity, they're just going to bought up by the media giants. I'm just waiting for Facebook to go to Google as well. It's all rather unimpressive.

I was even more bored by the message from the founders featured on YouTube's front page. They may be totally rich, but whatever happened to grassroots media?
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