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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  The British are coming.
It appears that UK journalists are a little closer to the cutting edge than the old American fogies. The Telegraph recently unveiled a revamped newsroom, boasting virtually unending multimedia capabilities. The paper stands at the forefront of new media by offering RSS feeds, podcasting, Blackberry and mobile hourly updates, and an afternoon PDF. It is a self-proclaimed "online newspaper," yet its print edition has the highest circulation in the UK, according to their own press release.

Pieter Kok, publisher of the Telegraph, said:
"The multimedia approach is quite simple, if customers change their approach to news then we change with them."

Smart business, considering that the newest generations of news consumers aren't too keen on print.

But perhaps the most lucrative feature of the Telegraph's journalistic powerhouse is the e-paper. While the 50-year-olds I know have no idea what a "podcast" even is, I'm sure they would pay for the e-paper with pleasure, which is set up like a regular paper but with extra features. Equally so, those in my generation could find something of interest in the other services offered. Kok also said:

"If you ask a person of 15 years of age or a person of 50 about the news, at the end of the day they know the same amount. It is just that the 50-year-old gets it from newspapers and the 15-year-old grabs information from several places, from Messenger, mobile phones, the internet and TV."

Going for all demographics with varying online features? The British have us beat.

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