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Friday, September 22, 2006
  Bible crazies and YouTube - my favorites!
A few friends of mine recently went to go see Another Gay Movie (yet another instance of my lifestyle invading my blog) and were quite impacted by a trailer for a new documentary that, bluntly, explores a bible camp where children worship a cardboard cut-out of George Bush.

I then heard that ABC News did a piece covering Jesus Camp, but naturally I was indisposed, sleeping or having a life and thus missed the newscast on which it aired.

A small search of YouTube, however, and I got the goods - the ABC segment featured kids crying for salvation, speaking in tongues, and a pastoral leader who basically indicated herself as a complete weirdo. Check out the woman whom the reporter calls a "secular feminist liberal." I do hope that when I'm interviewed that's the description people come up with for me. I also saw the trailer, which I have to say is a little unnerving to watch, especially considering that 90% of the people going to see Another Gay Movie are most likely young, liberal gay men, and the other 10% are their hags.

I still think it's interesting that in the modern age we can hear about things and no longer be desperate for information - it's all at our fingertips. Particularly the juicy, moderately horrifying and scandalous. What can I say, I'm an American.

The documentary's website, which is Flash-based, wouldn't load since my computer at home was purchased before Bush took office. I did, however, get the audio - and the creepy factor went through the roof. I'm quite intrigued and want to see the film, but I'm afraid my brain will bleed in horror at the new brainwashed generation. I was born 20 years ago, thank... Jesus.
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